The Doors & Hardware Industry as a Career Option

2 minute read

Historically, hardware groups have been family-owned, run, and operated. As Unified continues to expand, we need to attain outside talent to thrive amidst the growth that is incurring. As an industry with a tradition of being family-sustained, the hardware business has not been long recognized as a career option for those who are a few degrees of separation from the field. Many professionals have great potential and the right talent to prosper at Unified. 


Our refined processes require a team with a wide variety of skill sets, experience, strengths, and personalities across a large range of departments, including Accounting, Estimating, Engineering, Human Resources, Project Management, Sales & Warehouse.

You can join our team without any construction experience and will be met with training courses run by seasoned professionals. Employees are offered the opportunity to gain industry knowledge from the ground up, which will set them up for success in their position and beyond - an experience that proves valuable for the rest of their careers. 


Besides competitive pay and benefits, there is a lot to be said about the advantages of working at Unified (not to mention that our high employee retention rate speaks for itself.) Our company provides its employees with flexibility in more than one way. There is room for movement both horizontally and vertically – whether you want to diversify your skills by stepping into a position in another department or you’re working hard to move up, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and keep work exciting and challenging. Additionally, you would be provided with access to a network of options – including our 19 locations spanning all across the continental US.

Although we are a sizeable business, with over 1,000 employees nationwide, a small company feel is still maintained as we are one “unified” entity spanning multiple locations. We offer outstanding job security and our integration of software platforms help us remain ahead of our industry. Check out our recent blog to find out more about our competitive-edge technology. 

Are you curious about a career in construction and how your skills can be a great match for Unified? Visit the career portal on our website.

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