At Unified, we value a holistic approach to procurement and understand the complexities that exist when looking at code, nearly unlimited product combinations and increasing demands in the door and hardware fields.

As an industry leader in Division 6, Division 8, Division 10, Division 28, New Construction and After Market with over four generations of experience, combined with the product knowledge of over 1000+ employees, you can be assured that we will be able to assist you in every step of your project needs.

Explore below our capabilities and see how we can help you with your next project.

Design & Specification

At Unified, our design and specification process sets us apart from other distributors, who only sell their limited product lines. We are authorized distributors for all major brands. As a result, we can remain completely independent in evaluating products and specifications for your project.

We employ a certified staff of design and specification experts who can handle both small scale and large scale jobs across a variety of commercial construction projects, including Division 10 and 28.
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Budgeting & Estimating

Our Unified budgeting and estimating process provides you with a comprehensive, detailed and custom look at your project. Our team is uniquely qualified to analyze your product and material needs and develop an appropriate estimate or budget, including more specific, custom cost breakdowns as required.
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Distribution Services

We embed the latest technologies deeply within our project services. Each step of our distribution services utilizes over 300+ industry-leading professionals and the latest software to review scopes of work, submittals, proposals, and renderings, in order to ensure proper product is ordered and submittals are fully quality controlled.

We also utilize cloud document sharing to keep all documents available on-demand for increased collaboration. 
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Pre-installation can help save time during your project and help you in meeting your deadlines. 

Prior to shipping, we're able to install door hardware on-site, which can allow doors to be shipped closer to installation, as well as reduce the possibility of on-site project damange to the doors.

We also examine all doors to ensure that your delivery is free of manufacturing and product defects. 
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Whether you are looking to renovate, maintain, or upgrade your existing buildings, we are here to assist you. With our strong manufacturer relationships, we can procure an identical replacement, or an item of similar quality easily and efficiently.

Our locksmiths and master key shop are able to match nearly any existing keying system and recommend lock and security upgrades based on your project scope and budget. 
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Security & Access Control

We understand how important proper security and access controls are when it comes to sensitive data and hardware.

Our security and access control experts can help design a custom system to support security, failover, high availability, system load, load balancing and user access as you require it, as well as identify your requirements before full system design.
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After Market

Existing buildings require ongoing inspections, renovation, maintenance, upgrades and code compliance. At Unified, we are committed to assisting owners, property managers, building engineers and contractors to alleviate friction in this process.

Our comprehensive, industry-leading fire door inspection services give you a full written report and recommended solutions for the entire assembly, ensuring proper performance and compliance.

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