We strongly recommend our pre-installation services for all projects to help avoid unnesessary and costly mistakes. Our pre-installation services pre-install hardware onto doors prior to shipping, helping to streamline the construction process.

By pre-installing door hardware (hinges, door closers, exit devices, locks, etc.) prior to delivery, doors can be delivered closer to the actual installation deadline, reducing the potential for on-site door damage.

Additionally, during our pre-installation process, we thoroughly examine all doors to ensure that your delivery is free of manufacturing and product defects. 

All doors can be provided to you based on your needs, whether by floor or by project, in skids of 8 to 10 doors, complete with attached directions, strike plates, screws and any extra hardware for the corresponding door.

The pre-installation process contributes to LEED construction, since we recycle packaging directly at our shop location, saving job site waste.

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