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All proposals are prepared comprehensively, company-wide, and are reviewed carefully by multiple, qualified personnel to ensure you receive an accurate, cost-effective document.

Each proposal has a level of detail that will assist and save you time with comparisons, as well as save time during the purchasing process.

All of our proposal professionals are always available for scope of work reviews.

Submittal Process

We provide computerized shop drawings that include a door and frame schedule, listing each opening and identifying elevation, details and profiles.

Detailed hardware schedules are compiled by our internal systems, reviewed and verified against shop drawings, specifications and designs.

Our software also identifies inconsistencies between products and design, so they can be noted in the submittals.

Our internal Quality Assurance systems and personnel conduct a detailed analysis of the compilation of hundreds of part numbers from multiple manufacturers, ensuring the submittals are accurate and concise.

Upon request, we are able to assist with submittal breakouts by floor, phase, area or any other segmentation.

All submittals are distributed via the cloud, for immediate access.  

Project Management

At Unified, we're built to assist you with your project. Upon receipt of your order, a Unified Project Management team will be assigned to your project.

Our Project Management team will reach out to your Project Managers proactively during the procurement and fulfillment stages, from submittal submission and approval, delivery schedule requirements, job meetings, RFI’s, RFQ’s, call backs, and more.

Our LEED dedicated staff will also prepare LEED worksheets that coordinate data from the various manufacturers listed in the scope of work. 

Since we have such a large national footprint, we're able to make sure that you will receive the correct products from your order, on time. We're also able to fast track manufacture and modify hollow metal to meet the need for “early release” of select frames, or other situations that may arise during your project.

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