Security & Access Control

We understand how important proper security and access controls are when it comes to sensitive data and hardware. 

For the safety of any facility, we can ensure unwanted visitors cannot enter, and doors with push / pull hardware have locking capabilities. We can also provide office staff with remote communication, video camera, intercom systems, transaction windows with pass-thru drawers, desk-mounted push buttons and even bullet resistant glass.

Our security and access control experts can not only assist you in designing a custom system to support security, failover, high availability, system load, load balancing and user access as you require it, but also can identify requirements prior to design and make best practice recommendations. Examples include: identifying data sources, security and access policies, data concurrency, scalability and availability, number of current and projected users, device platforms, device connectivity and service-level agreements.

Finally, we can assist you in considering management of the final production system. The major considerations include device provisioning, managing users and devices, manual and automated process control, security layer implementation and monitoring and ensuring system health.

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