The Power of Investing in Technology

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As Unified brings together a select group of market-leading locations nationwide, we must employ best-in-class, top-of-the-line systems. We do so to support our extensive employee network and client base and to ensure flawless operations. This is why we are constantly implementing technology that improves our performance as a growth-minded company that remains ahead of the industry. We aim to raise the standard for technology in a niche market to enhance experiences across all ends of our processes.

Merging More Than Just a Name

Our team has worked diligently to shift to multi-user cloud-based platforms that aid in merging our various locations into one unified entity and provide opportunities to collaborate remotely as our world adapts. Our new and improved platforms boast numerous benefits that ensure smoother, more efficient processes for Unified internally and on the customer end.

Our new platforms allow us to have a centralized warehouse and shop management system, inventory locator system, distribution process, and accounting system. As we’ve re-automated our infrastructure, we have leveraged cloud services giving us the bandwidth to support remote users, making it easy to work as a team from various locations, and service our customers more rapidly and accurately. Additionally, we have updated, consolidated, and retooled our wide area network, allowing data to be shared more rapidly and expanding processing bandwidth. Another recent technological update is the retooling of our telephone system. Each location now shares a single cloud-based phone service where it’s easy to direct-dial any location unifying us into one virtual team. As we see opportunities, Unified will continue to make advancements to remain competitively organized and well-ordered.

Employee Benefits and Acclamation

We are confident that investing in technology is one of the best strategies we can implement as leaders in the industry. However, that doesn’t mean that shifting platforms is simple for everyone. This is why we employ a methodology called Organizational Change Management (OCM). This methodology has created a framework to help our team communicate and adopt technological changes as effectively as possible. We ensure that everyone understands the shift, how and when it will occur, and the value of the difference in the organization and individuals involved. When we can communicate all the details and benefits of the change and help support our employees throughout the change, we provide a clear vision for employees to know that the effort they put into acclimating to new platforms is exponentially worthwhile internally and for all customers.

Customer Benefits

Our customers benefit from our investment in top-notch technology as it results in more accurate proposals, more robust communication, and faster turnaround times regarding deliveries, quotes, purchase orders, materials, and more. With advanced technology, Unified can do considerably more for the customer at competitively expeditious rates.

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