The Versatility of Architectural Wood Doors

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What are Architectural Wood Doors? 

Architectural Wood Doors are specifically designed to meet the various needs of commercial and institutional door openings across the realms of aesthetics, safety, and security.  Architectural Wood Doors offer the most value per dollar in the market when compared with other door products such as Hollow Metal, Aluminum, or Fiberglass. With one of the largest ranges of quality wood door offerings, we can work with your design and budget needs providing the best-resourced recommendations for your project. Not to mention our full range of offerings has proven to be durable, providing longevity and structural integrity.

Wood door designs can extend from functional and bare, to artistic and intricate.  They can be found in residential and commercial settings in both exterior and interior applications depending on their specific construction and finish. The broad array of available wood species, grains, and finishes allows for a high degree of personalization for buyers. 

To promote safety, we offer doors with various fire ratings. For security purposes we have the flexibility to integrate a series of features that ensure protection, such as push/pull hardware with locking capabilities or even bullet-resistant glass.

Types of Wood Doors 

The Unified Difference & Process

We take pride in having a centralized specialty wood door team that will work alongside you to understand your design needs. Utilizing a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, the team has become adept in problem-solving. Our involvement can begin as early as the conceptual stage, ensuring you stay within budget and align with all local code requirements. Consolidating all our orders to one location empowers our team to leverage their combined expertise in developing optimal plans for you, as well as resolving any issues that may arise while driving efficiency in cost. 

No matter your needs or where you are in your design process, we invite you to consult with our team. You can expect to be met with timely communication and a commitment to excellence always – and that’s the Unified Difference. 

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