The Value of Expertise

2 minute read


As one of the leading distributors and service providers for Division 6, 8, 10, & 28 New Construction and After Market services, one of our greatest tools for success is being backed by a team of experts. Our group is selective in our hiring process, employing qualified candidates with experience that is up to par with the Unified standard. Our clients expect the Unified team to be knowledgeable, reliable, hard-working, innovative, professional, and always customer-focused. We have team members who worked hard to become accredited as Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHC) from the Door & Hardware Institute (DHI), which helps us consistently rise above our competitors. Our employees work together to share their wealth of industry knowledge and experience, especially our team member, John Picciotti, who is an educator at DHI himself. 


We use our knowledge to efficiently pair clients with the products they’re looking for while using best practices to save them time and money. At Unified, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve worked to build with a multitude of vendors. This allows us access to various options, enabling Unified to cater to each client’s specific needs and budget. Our size and connections give us complete control of the process, from pre-construction to close out. When it comes to your time, we want to utilize it as effectively as possible. Our team already possesses a toolbox full of product and industry knowledge & experience, ensuring quick answers, swift solutions, and efficient access to the information and resources you need. Unified is happy to walk our clients through every step of our processes, educating them along the way and providing innovation they can trust. 

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