The Science of Soundproofing & STC Ratings

2 minute read

The quest for quiet spaces has led to significant advancements in soundproofing technologies in
the construction industry. Among these, the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating is critical
for assessing how well a door, window, or wall can block sound. At Unified, we specialize in
providing STC-rated openings that meet the nuanced needs of various environments.

Understanding STC-Rated Doors

Expert laboratories assign STC ratings after rigorous testing of products to determine their
effectiveness in blocking sound transmission. The higher the STC number, the more sound is
stopped. This rating system is vital for architects, builders, and contractors when specifying
products for locations where sound control is paramount, such as recording studios, machine
rooms with loud equipment, and conference rooms or offices where privacy and clarity are vital.

At Unified, our STC-tested-and-rated doors and frames are tailored for diverse applications,
ensuring that every opening maintains its intended acoustic integrity. Whether it's minimizing the
intrusion of urban noise into peaceful apartments or keeping confidential discussions in
conference rooms private, our meticulously crafted openings provide the necessary barrier
against unwanted sound.

Precision in Installation 

Perhaps the most critical aspect of STC-rated doors is their installation. Proper installation
ensures that the STC ratings are fully realized in practice, not just in theory. The Unified team is
trained in installing specialized glazing kits for windows, and the precise fitting of doors is
meticulously executed to adhere to sound ratings, ensuring no gaps or improper seals
compromise the sound barrier. 

Our teams of installers are equipped with the tribal knowledge and direct training from industry-
leading organizations to navigate these complexities, offering guidance and solutions that
adhere to a project's goals. 

Unified’s Commitment to Excellence 

One of Unified's key roles is to educate our clients and partners about the importance of STC
ratings and the correct applications of sound-rated doors and hardware. Through consultation
and collaboration, we direct architects and contractors toward the best solutions for their specific
needs. After our products are tested and receive their ratings, it's essential that no alterations
occur that may compromise their performance. This underscores the importance of professional
installation, ensuring that each opening performs precisely as expected, maintaining the privacy
vital to the space's function.

Occasionally, architects or designers require customizations and specifications for openings that
can pose challenges. Although the openings function well enough for the intended use, they
may have been altered, thus not adequately tested and rated. In this case, Unified will apply a
custom label to the opening to indicate the situation. 

Sound-rated doors and windows are more than just architectural components; they are essential
elements that contribute to a space's functionality, privacy, and comfort. Unified is your partner
in creating spaces where sound is precisely controlled, and peace of mind is guaranteed.

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