The Importance of Fire Doors

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Unified supplies a variety of door and hardware items to create opening solutions for new and
existing construction. The materials used for these openings often work to serve a greater
purpose by protecting the individuals within those buildings. Fire doors are a type of door that
Unified produces and installs to add a necessary layer of safety to residential and commercial

What is the Purpose of Fire Doors?

The National Fire Protection Association 80 sets forth a standard for fire doors and windows
within residential and commercial buildings that must be adhered to. Per that standard, fire
doors are required to be self-latching and self-closing. They must have closers, spring hinges,
and a positive latch rather than a push-pull design. This ensures that all fire doors are closed
and positively latched so any pressure will not open the door. Properly installed fire doors will
effectively compartmentalize the fire in individual spaces and therefore limit the spread of smoke
and flames. This concept has been proven by fire marshals in cases where fires that caused
severe damage and high deaths were linked to doors not being closed. In those unfortunate
cases, the fire doors were often wedged open or had lost their self-closing capability due to poor
condition and lack of maintenance. Fire door assembly inspectors now play necessary roles, as
doors that were originally fire-rated are often not maintained properly and cannot achieve their
purpose. With effective fire doors that are self-latching, self-closing, and inspected accurately,
both lives and property can be saved.

Unified’s Role

It is our hope that all door and hardware suppliers are educated on the benefits of fire doors to
ensure safety and protection for everyone. Unified is proud to have the expertise in the industry
and the knowledgeable staff to treat fire doors with the correct hardware and verify that they
have latching and closing abilities. We extensively review fire door requirements of every project
prior to submission to make sure the openings meet code requirements. If we notice anything
that is missing or in need of adjustment, we are proactively raising questions to make sure the
products are complete and up to safety standards. It is our ultimate goal to certify that our
products are effective and safe for the people and communities that we serve; our experience
and reputation in the field allows us to consistently do so.

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