The Evolving World of Electronic Access Control Systems

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The world of Electronic Access Control Systems is evolving more quickly than ever making it hard for our customers to stay up to date with the latest trends, newest features, and available products. Luckily, our experts are in the business of demystifying difficult processes – educating our customers, simplifying problems, and staying ahead of new innovations.

There are many facets contributing to the steep learning curve that comes with electronic security in construction. Our Unified Security Team has the experience to deliver with the safety of tomorrow in mind. We have broken down technological advancements into four key subjects to bridge the complexities of the industry to provide the best End-User Experience.

The World of Cloud 

Everyone has heard of the Cloud, but what is it and how does it impact their company or business? On-site servers are being replaced with Cloud Services. There is still a server, just not one you need to worry about. You can log into it without the worry of it crashing. Cloud-based access control provides centralized management without the cost and attention required by physical systems. Cloud enables countless other features that create ease. For example, with the use of Cloud-based technology, a property management team can change access rights for multiple properties remotely from any browser or Smartphone application. All of this can be done with the same level of confidence in the security of your information.

Use of Wireless

Options for a more secure tomorrow. Doors that would traditionally get a Card reader (or no reader at all) are being replaced with battery-operated locks, and unit locks are becoming battery-operated, replacing the need for mechanical keys. These kinds of wireless offerings generally make for more seamless processes and allow for the same levels of security at reduced costs. Since these features are not wired, installation, upgrades, and integration are generally simpler than they previously were.

Evolution of Smartphone Applications 

Access Control has gone mobile. Smartphone apps now function as a tenant’s credential to get from the front door of a building to their office, or even better, their home office. The app now provides more features and functionality, and the list grows each day. Intercoms can call the app giving you the ability to speak with the visitor and let them in. Visitors coming to stay? Dog walker at 3 pm? Give them a temporary digital key to make their lives, and yours, better and safer.

Software Integrations 

No one likes to enter the same information in twice. No one wants to have multiple fobs or apps to get through multiple doors. There are products that work great together, and some that don’t. Let us provide the solution bringing together the best products to create the best End-User Experience.

Unified can provide our customers with the education needed to assess what kind of systems will best suit their needs, no matter the site. Our expert team is proud to have a depth of knowledge on each technological facet listed above and will continue to strive toward being the most knowledgeable in our industry. Whether it’s solving integration issues or setting up the most efficient applications, we have the products and knowledge to best be craftsmen of innovation. 

For each site, we look at the four aforementioned subjects and prepare an end-user experience – ensuring we provide secure buildings for those with the credentials and an efficient plan and resources for those who will be managing the systems.

Novel Innovations 

One way Unified is providing a safer tomorrow when it comes to multi-family developments is through Smart Building Technology. This is the future of security and real estate development and includes an array of technologically advanced smart features in the building design. These security solutions range from window shades to high-speed resident security to video surveillance to technologically advanced handled amenities. We are excited to see where smart automation takes us in the security world and are proud to have already been a part of implementing these systems. The Internet of Things comes together to provide you with a safer tomorrow!


We provide a range of Electronic Security offerings, varying by location, including access control, wireless locks, visitor entry intercoms, security networks, and custom design services. The team will be sure to pair you with the best possible range of products for your security concerns with efficient pricing and implementation. That’s the Unified promise. 

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