Livermore, CA

Commercial Hardware, Inc set up shop in Livermore CA in June 2017. With the influx of west coast business and the need to service customers locally, a 10,000 sq ft facility was leased to manage logistics. Ten Thousand Feet quickly became 20,000 feet. Customer Service is first and foremost in our DNA.

The current industry demands of “Just-In-Time” deliveries; Commercial Hardware sought to service their clients’ needs on a more personal level. With experienced warehouse personnel and company owned delivery vehicles, we are poised to ship materials as needed to meet the demands of any project, at any time. Additionally, with our pre-installation services; we can help projects better control quality installation and provide a more green jobsite.

As a full-service door, frame, and hardware estimating, engineering and distribution company, of hollow metal doors and frames; architectural and residential grade wood doors and frames, architectural finish hardware, and specialty doors and frames, we are in complete control of product engineering, order fulfillment, and logistics management – assuring unbeatable quality as well as timely delivery for every product we offer.

Our Goal: When you think of Total Opening, you think first and only of Commercial Hardware CA - a proud member of the Unified Group of companies. We are your trusted resource, assuring that your projects will be completed with professionalism, and on schedule, every time.


Livermore, CA:

Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
Acoustical (STC) Doors and Frames
Pre-Hung Wood and HM Units
Architectural Finish Hardware
Access Control Solutions and Security Hardware
Stainless Steel Doors and Frames
Commercial Wood Doors and Frames
Professional Project Management & Engineering Services
Logistic Center
Temporary Storage
Preinstallation of Hardware

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