Woodbridge, NJ

Halpern was established by its founder Charles Lesko, Sr in Somerset County, New Jersey, in 1967. In 1980, he relocated to Middlesex county and was joined by his sons Charles Lesko III and Douglas Lesko, creating a family-owned and operated collaboration of immense technical experience.  We have been serving the Tri-State area with concentration on northern New Jersey for over 54 years with Engineering Services and Distribution of Commercial Doors, Frames & Hardware.

Halpern & Sons has a vast knowledge base in Division 8, Division 10 and Division 28 products. We also have the engineering background to accurately identify our customers’ needs and expectations with well-qualified and well-trained AHC's & CDC's on staff.

We are confident, as a member of the Unified Door and Hardware group, that we have sufficient resources for manufacturers' products and a level of service that encourages long-term customer loyalty. 


Architectural allowances & specifications
Electronic security & access control
Preinstallation of door hardware

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