Egress Hardware: Our Approach to Safety and Compliance

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In building safety, egress flow is not just a design component; it can be a life-saving device. At
Unified, we understand that egress hardware is a critical consideration in any building, ensuring
that in times of emergency, exits are accessible and intuitive for a safe and swift exit and that in
non-emergencies, they are as secure as possible. 

Exit Devices

Commonly known as panic devices, exit devices are a world apart from standard door handles
or locks. Exit devices have been specifically designed for quick release in emergencies,
allowing doors to be opened easily from the inside without needing a key or specialized
knowledge. The choice of egress hardware is not arbitrary; it's governed by various factors,
including room size, occupancy rates, the function of the room, and building height—all of which
are integral to determining the appropriate level of safety hardware.

Loss Prevention

At Unified, we incorporate sophisticated solutions such as delayed egress hardware, which can
be pivotal in maternity wards and care units, for example. This system allows for a controlled
exit, where the device must be engaged for a set period before the door unlocks, coupled with
monitoring systems like bracelets for controlled access.

The Unified Difference

From door alarms to advanced access control systems, there are many variations of egress
hardware. But what truly sets Unified apart is our profound expertise and extensive knowledge

Our professionals, rigorously trained by the Door and Hardware Institute and directly by our
network of door and security suppliers, possess the most current knowledge of codes and
operational requirements. Our team's proficiency extends beyond mere training; they deeply
understand the subtleties within codes and product specifications to address each project's
unique needs.

Our product knowledge isn't just about compliance; it's also about providing significant cost
savings. With Unified, clients often find that we can deliver door and hardware solutions that
meet their needs when we eschew the 'one size fits all' approach. We understand that each
project, whether a school or a business establishment, requires a tailored strategy that respects local and national codes. For example, in a recent school project review, our experts identified
an instance of "over-specification" by an architect who had uniformly applied high-level security
hardware across all doors. Recognizing this was unnecessary for every opening, Unified
advised alternative solutions aligned with safety requirements, saving the client substantial
money without compromising security or compliance. 

Unified is your partner in navigating the complex world of egress hardware. With our team's
expertise, clients can rest assured that their buildings and tenants are safe, compliant, and
optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. That's the Unified difference — where safety
meets savvy.

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