Division 10, 11 & 12 | Specialty Items from a Team of Specialists

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Defining Division 10

Unified is a best-in-class, nationwide company providing tailored solutions for Division 6, 8, 10, 28, New Construction, and After Market. Each of these divisions provides its own unique offerings. Division 10 was created to better serve the construction and hospitality industry, filling a niche for the miscellaneous specialty demand. The markets we serve include multi-family, hospitality, senior living, healthcare, and higher education. We also provide solutions for Division 11 and Division 12, including various assorted pieces of equipment for recreational and athletic activities. Unified’s Division 10 offerings range from bath accessories to lockers to wall protection to gymnasium equipment to custom-engineered glass shower doors, and beyond.

Here are some services and capabilities provided by our own Division 10-dedicated team:

• Custom-Engineered Shower Doors 

• Frameless Shower Doors

• Glass Shower Doors

• Flag Poles

• Medicine Cabinets

• Postal Specialties

• Bicycle Racks

• Marker Boards

• Projection Screens

• Dock Bumpers

• Toilet Accessories

• Toilet Partitions

• Lockers

• Fire Protection

• Shelving

• Signage

• Wall Protection

• Handrail

• Cubicle Curtain Track

• Entrance Mats

• Expansion Joint Covers

• Storage Cages

• Visual Display Units

• Pet Washing Stations

Due to the nature of such a broad and disparate category, Division 10 can be a difficult sector for contractors when specific-yet-necessary items are hard to access or locate – independently, or in packages. It’s our mission to serve as a one-stop-shop to meet all our clients’ Division 10 needs. This is why it’s a Unified advantage that we are where you are – specializing in the full scope of Division 10 commodities and offering one of the broadest ranges of products in the industry with locations across the US. Additionally, our size and expertise as a coast-to-coast company allows us to work closely with the most reputable suppliers and distributors with refined and efficient processes that will help you receive even your most specialty products on time, and on budget.

Our Approach & Expert Team 

Our approach entails negotiated work, package Division 8 & 10 products, and providing best-in-class services as we have a team of professionals who are exclusively dedicated to the management of Division 10 products. With a national reach as well as a firm grip on our local markets, this dedicated team provides budgeting, estimating, value engineering, and project management expertise, complete with turnkey installation packages to fulfill your total specialty needs. 

Want to know more about our Division 10 offerings? Reach out at contactus@udhgroup.com.

Find a continued, more exhaustive list of our offerings in this division below. 
101423 Panel Signage 

101700 Telephone Specialties 

102123 Cubicle Curtains and Tracks

102113 Metal Toilet Compartments

102116 Shower and Dressing Compartments

102213 Wire Mesh Partitions 

102600 Wall and Door Protection

102800 Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories

102813 Framed and Frameless Mirrors

102813 LED Mirrors

102813 Electric Hand Dryers

102816 Bath Accessories

102819 Shower Doors/Tub Doors Framed and Custom Frameless

102823 Laundry Accessories

103100 Manufactured Fireplaces

104000 Safety Specialties

10433 Defibrillator Cabinets

104400 Fire Protection Specialties

104413 Fire Protection Cabinets 

104416 Fire Extinguishers

104416 Access Panels

104416 Knox Boxes

105100 Lockers

105113 Metal Lockers

105116 Wood Lockers

105126 Plastic Lockers

105129 Phenolic Lockers

105143 Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

105153 Locker Room Benches

105500 Postal Specialties

105523 Mailbox

105526 Parcel Lockers

105600 Storage Assemblies

105613 Metal Storage Shelving

105616 Fabricated Wood Storage Shelving

105617 Wall-Mounted Standards and Shelving

105619 Plastic Storage Shelving

105626 Mobile Storage Shelving

105700 Closet Specialties

107500 Flagpoles

117340 Pet Washing Station

129313 Bicycle Racks

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