Championing Quality Customer Service Via The Design-Assist Method

3 minute read

Unified Door and Hardware Group champions quality customer service, diligence, and efficiency. As an industry leader, we strive to personally offer our expertise and best practices. Unified accomplishes this by providing customizable, individualized, and experienced Design Assist Project Delivery Method services. Our unique process elevates traditional building methods and is executed precisely, making partnering with Unified a stand-out experience. 


The design-assist method serves as a knowledgeable and experienced liaison resource. Specifically, Unified bridges the gap between the design and construction teams, accounting for details and costs that often get overlooked. Planning door openings at the initial stages of the project design process allows Unified to become one of the stakeholders in the design progression of the doors, frames, and hardware for a project upfront. This saves time and allows for better budgeting, saving headaches on the backend. This process is commonly used for HVAC, electric, structural, and other big-ticket item trades but is not as common at the door opening. Unified changed that, so that general contractors, building owners, developers, and architects can also appreciate the benefits of planning & budgeting for door openings and security. 


Design-assist exists as an alternative to the more traditional ‘design-bid-build’ process. In the more common design-bid-build method, the design, bidding, and building processes happen in succession with little to no overlap. Designers often base their hardware selections on what looks good without adequately knowing the doors, frames, hardware range, and costs. Through our design-assist program, we guide customers through the process of various product and brand selections, specification services, detailed budgeting, complete opening coordination, and real-time competitive pricing. Additionally, as contractors look at schematics given to them by the designer, they often do not have the resource expertise necessary to budget and select hardware efficiently, especially as hardware prices constantly fluctuate. The earlier we are invited into the process with our design-assist services, the more we can save you as we look at the process from a holistic perspective and aid in managing your budget with crucial knowledge and unnecessary spending. 


The design-assist method provides space to communicate and coordinate best practices from the design and construction teams to manage the budget and execute the best possible project outcome.

We utilize our expertise and associations with design assistance to provide competitive pricing for the brands you want. Other building methods often do not reward clients with the benefits of such selective customization in tandem with better pricing. Customers often benefit financially after investing in our process because of the guidance and connections provided. 


Unified offers our clients the most thorough design assistantship, partnering with customers to become one of the stakeholders in the design process of doors, frames, and hardware for their projects. Getting involved in the process as early as possible, we look out for your best interest, avoiding miscalculations and overpayments. We provide our customers with a comprehensive list of all our available services in our formalized process. We lay out a deliverables table stating which stakeholder is responsible for each project detail. Additionally, Unified can incorporate access control and integration on the front end of design-assist projects, allowing us to serve as the security integrator for the job seamlessly. Partnering with Unified design-assist services guarantees attentive and competent guidance and extensive involvement from a team that knows doors, frames, and hardware.

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