Case Studies

We seek to provide all of our clients with industry-leading know-how and solutions to their challenges. Below we have illustrated some of our case studies from current clients.


Company Background

Pennrose is a Philadelphia-based property development company that develops and manages multi-family and multi-tenant properties. Penrose recognized that they required a more comprehensive and expansive security integrator for their properties.

Unified's Solution

Unified began by taking a step back to analyze the design and specifications of all of Pennrose’s Division 8 products. Understanding that security can be a late-stage discussion, it was essential to ensure that all doors and door hardware companies use the correct equipment that will work seamlessly with the security systems.

Once it was determined that all of the product was up to spec for the security systems, Unified began writing standards for Pennrose to use on future projects in three main areas: access control, video surveillance, and intercom/visitor entry systems.

Final Results

By creating these standards, Pennrose and Unified can have all of the specification and design best practices in hand at the beginning of a project, ensuring that all products meet specifications and all projects are not delayed due to incompatibility issues.

Additionally, since Unified has a vast diversity in offerings, they can provide solutions beyond security to meet specifications. Other Unified locations have Division 6, 8, 10, and 28 products to resolve any incompatibilities or inconsistencies quickly.

As a result, Pennrose continues to work with Unified as a security integrator and trusted partner.

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Company Background

Russo Development is a New Jersey-based real estate developer that constructs buildings for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Russo Development has developed more than 7 million square feet of commercial space, 1800+ apartment units, and 60+ industrial projects over the past 50 years. With their strong development background, Russo Development sought a partner to help streamline their project efficiency.

Unified's Solution

Unified was able to provide a turnkey solution for Russo Development. Understanding that there can be friction by utilizing numerous companies to provide materials and labor, Unified condensed the majority of project work to their various locations: providing doors, molding, finished hardware, access control, and installation all under one umbrella.

Unified was also able to provide various options for materials under one roof, saving time during the budgeting project phase by avoiding seeking multiple bids for project materials.

Final Results

By handling all scopes under one roof, Russo Development could significantly increase efficiency across their projects. As a result, Russo Development trusts Unified to provide their turnkey solution for additional projects on an ongoing basis.

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Company Background

AAA is a federation of motor clubs that provides members with emergency road services, car care centers, and customized travel guides. With over 1,000 branch offices across the United States, AAA required a service contractor to handle maintenance for security equipment.

Unified's Solution

Unified put in place a service contract to help AAA monitor its security and access systems. The monitoring allows Unified to know when a camera or motion sensor malfunctions. Upon receiving this information, Unified dispatches a technician to fix or replace the equipment.

Final Results

Though Unified’s security and access control location is located on the East Coast, the location was able to assist AAA nationwide. As a result of Unified’s ability to work with AAA nationwide, more and more branch offices are choosing to work with Unified to help maintain security and access control equipment.

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