Benefits of Electronic Security in Multifamily Developments

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Prevent Security & Technology is a world-class surveillance and security systems integrator within the Unified Door & Hardware Group. Prevent combines both Division 28 and Division 8 expertise to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to today’s most advanced security challenges. Prevent has emerged as a leader in the advancement of electronic security in multifamily structures, a construction trend that is dominating the industry.

The Rise of Security in Multifamily Construction

The majority of new construction and subsequent new security is occurring in a type of structure known as mixed-use or multifamily. These developments blend multiple uses such as residential, commercial, and entertainment into one space with integrated functions, and can range from affordable housing to market rate projects. Security has become a two-fold concept in that safety measures are being provided for both the tenant and the employees. This has become a driving force in the way security access control in doors has changed. With the evolution of the battery operated lock, there is no cabling needed, creating a more affordable way of providing safety throughout a building. Prevent has used its expertise to determine how they can get the individual from their car into the building, into the elevator, and into their room in the safest, most efficient way possible. With the latest smart technology available, tenants can now go through this daily process using a fob, card, or even an application rather than a standard key.

The Impact of Smart Technology on Electronic Security

Advancements in technology have had a significant impact on the construction industry as a whole, but have especially altered electronic security within the multifamily structure. One contributing factor is the widespread use of smartphones. Tenants no longer need to worry about having a fob or a physical key, as phone applications now have the ability to unlock doors and access buildings. The types of applications that are used are also cloud based, meaning they do not require a server or IT group. Perhaps the most important factor is the ability for these systems to be integrated and communicate with one another. Prevent does not simply install a card reader on a lock, rather they are able to tie the technology hardware together with property management systems, cameras, intercoms and more. These trends in technology have changed multifamily construction and made it affordable for contractors to take an electronic route to security rather than an outdated mechanical process.

Adjusting for Different Markets

In situations where old processes are replaced by new technology, it may be necessary to examine the different markets and determine if adjustments need to be made based on demographics. While senior age groups are becoming more adept at using technology and smartphones, there is still a chance for potential resistance. Prevent takes this into consideration by assessing the property, outlining design work, and creating standards prior to installation. Standards for technology may vary based on if the project is market rate, affordable housing, or a senior community. In certain cases where widespread use of technology is not as favored, Prevent can build less technology into the system by installing more fobs rather than fully relying on smartphone apps. However, older generations are becoming increasingly tech savvy and therefore more willing to accept the integration of smart technology into daily functions.

Is it Truly Secure?

Prevent takes extensive measures to ensure that the technology used in multifamily properties is highly secure. In fact, the applications that are used to access buildings and doors are built on the same foundation and level of encryption as the most reliable banking apps. If you have ever used an app that protects sensitive information like credit card numbers, this utilizes an identical safety standard. Prevent also conducts vulnerability tests for their products in which they verify the process of locking down the application and conducting other measures of encryption in the case of a security breach. As a result, these issues are relatively minimal.

The Unified Difference

Being part of the Unified Door and Hardware Group gives Prevent Security & Technology the resources and competitive edge that is important for many contractors and ownership groups. There are few companies that are able to successfully integrate doors and hardware with security on a nationwide scale. With knowledge and experience in both Division 8 and Division 28, Prevent is able to achieve great coordination between the two groups. They also have the convenience of being a single point of contact to efficiently address any issues that arise. At Unified, our advantage is not just having one solution, rather we find a solution that fits your needs.

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