Automatic Operators: Leveraging Technology to Improve Accessibility

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In an evolving landscape where technology must comply with functionality, automatic operators are becoming a pivotal aspect of modern infrastructure, transcending traditional usage in high-end hospitals to a broad spectrum of applications. Today, the Unified Door & Hardware Group stands at the forefront of this shift, integrating Automatic Operators with comprehensive access solutions to meet a growing demand in the industry. 

More than Doors

Automatic Operators are not just about automating the opening and closing of doors; they signify a significant step toward more thoughtful and accessible environments. From ensuring hygiene and security in hospitals to facilitating seamless, monitored entry in educational institutions, the versatility of Automated Operator systems is boundless. These systems offer various options, including card access control, hands-free operation, and integration with fire alarm systems for egress control, marking a significant evolution in opening solutions. 

The demand for Automatic Operators is strong, and Unified is proud to offer turnkey solutions to our clients. By packaging Automatic Operators with other products like door frames, hardware, and access control systems, we provide a cohesive solution that accomplishes project goals more effectively. This comprehensive approach simplifies the procurement process and ensures compatibility and ease of installation across diverse settings.

Collaboration & Expertise

Successful implementation of Automatic Operator systems involves collaboration with the access control vendor, the architect/engineer, and the installer. Unified excels in this collaborative process, leveraging our extensive experience to educate all stakeholders about the intricacies of Automatic Operator systems, from specifying the correct time and usage parameters to navigating the complexities of certifications and regulations. With our team of highly trained installers, Unified is able to ensure the final product functions strictly as intended. 

Our expertise allows us to offer custom solutions for existing doors, retrofitting them with automatic operators that align with the client's specific needs. Whether enhancing safety in a school district or improving accessibility at public entrances, the option to retrofit almost any door sets us apart.

While the appeal of Automatic Operators is nearly universal, cost considerations often dictate their implementation on a project. We address this challenge by providing detailed consultations to identify the most cost-effective solutions that maintain quality and functionality. 

The Unified Difference

At the Unified Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a full-package opening solution that encompasses doors, frames, hardware, Automatic Operators, access control, and installation by our trained team of experts. This holistic methodology prevents headaches for our clients and grants us greater control over the final product's quality and performance. Furthermore, our comprehensive service contracts, including emergency call-out support, ensure that any future issues can be swiftly addressed, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the Automatic Operator systems we install.

As we continue to pioneer the integration of Automatic Operators into a wide array of applications, our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence ensures that we remain the preferred partner for clients seeking advanced, reliable access solutions. 

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