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About Us

Who We Are

UNIFIED DOOR & HARDWARE GROUP (UDHG) is the center around which our distributor Companies operate. The carefully selected Companies in our group benefit from UDHG's solid support and foundation, while they provide customer-facing expertise in Division 8 - Commercial Doors & Hardware, Division 10 - Specialty and Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security products within their individual trading areas throughout the USA.

Contractors, Architects, Developers and other stake holders not only benefit from the local distributor Company's reputation and knowledge of codes and projects, but also enjoy the confidence that comes from doing business with a national organization.

The Brands You Need From People You Trust

UDHG affiliated Companies are among the most established and respected in the industry. A common misunderstanding is that the only advantage of doing business with a UDHG distributor Company is the breadth of products available to our nationwide customer base.

The Group's buying power is indeed impressive. The Group has undeniably earned a VIP status with our vendors resulting in special discounts that are passed on to our clients. But products alone are not meaningful unless they are ON TIME & CORRECT. While UDHG's "buying power" is a remarkable advantage, it is merely one of the many desirable features of the service you'll receive from UDHG Companies. The following, equally important benefits, must not be overlooked:

  • The force of over 1000 employees — includes the brightest, experienced, technically-astute professionals — is unsurpassed in the industry.
  • Forward-thinking strategy, in the acquisition and development of technology that's completely integrated while focused on industry-specific customer needs and cloud technology, is unrivaled.
  • Division 8, Division 10 and Division 28 extreme competency is available every step along the way, depending upon your need.
    • Specification & Design
    • Budgeting & Estimating
    • Scope Review
    • Shop Drawings
    • Hardware Schedules
    • Product Procurement
    • Security and Systems Integration
    • Locksmithing Capabilities
    • Installation (pre and onsite)
    • Fire Door and Means of Egress Inspection Code Compliance
  • Accredited "chain of custody" partner for LEED projects

Why Would You Do Business Anywhere Else?

UDHG is the solution for today's demanding door and hardware environment.

Doors & Hardware typically represent 2-3% of a new project's entire cost; a Division 8 package can potentially cause 90% of the aggravation if its not designed, managed, procured and delivered on-time and correctly.

Trust doors and hardware to the qualified, dependable professionals at the Unified Door & Hardware Group.


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